Anne working in her studio with some of her models

Hi, I’m Anne Hoskins.  I’ve been getting people happily making card models for over 25 years.

Are you new to making cut-out card models?  Are you worried that they’ll be too complicated? There’s no need because

these cut-out card models are easy for you to make.  All you need are scissors and glue.

Try the buildings on our one sheet models page .

Most of these will just have 7 pieces.  One will be the base.  So you have only 6 pieces to fold and glue.

The details are all in the artwork.  Look at the photos and read the reviews.

The Village Pack even gives you 6 models for the price of 5!

Enjoy making your models and admire the result.

You can click below to browse the whole range.

23 One sheet models

5 Two sheet models

Water birds diorama

and 7 Historical press-out paper dolls to dress.


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