Anne Hoskins

Hi, I’m Anne Hoskins, when I started designing cut-out card models, a while ago now, I decided to make them easy to construct.

Because I remembered feeling frustrated when I tried to make models that were fiddly, complicated and had too many pieces.

Have you ever felt like that?

Are you new to making cut-out card models?  Worried that they’ll be too complicated?

You’ve come to the right place.

You’ll find these cut-out card models are easy to make. All you need are scissors and glue and possibly a straight edge to make folding easier.

For starters try a model from the one sheet models page .

Most of these have only 7 pieces.  One will be the base.  So you have just 6 pieces to fold and glue.

The details are all in the artwork and when you’ve finished your model, it won’t look as if it was easy to make.

Have a look at the photos and the reviews.

The Village Pack even gives you 6 models for the price of 5! 

Now you can enjoy making your models and be proud of the result.


Tom Barnes
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Lovely: thank you. My daughter (9) has completed two, and is currently struggling through the watermill, with much enjoyment.
Tony Bathe
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Thank you for the very prompt dispatch of my order. It came yesterday morning. I have made a start with the Church and the Thatched Cottage. I find the assembly to be straightforward and quite quick. I like the designs of the station, the school and the garage. I may be back for more houses later.
Elinor E
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Thank you for your prompt posting of the village sets. The children are all enjoying doing the models. Even my 5 year old is becoming increasingly independent doing them.