Evacuee, Victorian, Regency, Tudor, Medieval, Viking and Roman Dolls

Why dolls?

One day I was having lunch with a friend.

  We were talking about when we were young and she said,

‘Do you remember the paper dolls we used to play with and the fun we had with them?’

‘Yes. We used to make up stories about them.’

‘You should make a Victorian Doll’

‘That’s an idea!’

So the Victorian Doll became the first of the 7 History paper dolls.

Each doll is A6 size with an A4 sheet of her clothes to cut out and a short story

 You can press the dolls out, cut out their colourful paper clothes and dress them in their finery

Choose your doll’s name and read her story.  Cut out her clothes and dress her.  What clothes will your doll wear, for every day or for best? 

I hope you have as much fun as we did.



‘Brilliant, thank you so much. I bought my daughter one from Bekonscott Model Village and she loves it so much that I wanted to get another. They’re absolutely beautiful!  My daughter is 5, but my 10 year old god-daughter is equally enchanted with the one she chose. I quite want one too!’                        Victoria Pratt.   August 2018

“I bought my eight year old daughter the Evacuee Doll and the Roman Doll on holiday.  She spent hours playing with them and went on to make more clothes and stand up animals to go with them. I’m buying more as I think they would make perfect gifts for party bags, with model buildings for the boys.  They are wonderfully creative toys with great entertainment value.”  Jo Oven, Canterbury

 ‘Thank you very much.  My 3 girls absolutely love your paper dolls.  We have all of them some multiples even.  Any plans for more designs in future or perhaps some male dolls?” Anna Myat, London

“My 6 year old daughter was delighted with her doll. So beautifully made and the cause of much enjoyment.” Nicky Martin, Berks


Dolls may differ slightly from photographs