Thank you for the very prompt dispatch of my order. It came yesterday morning.  I have made a start with the Church and the Thatched Cottage.  I find the assembly to be straightforward and quite quick.  I like the designs of the station, the school and the garage.   I may be back for more houses later.

Best Regards, Tony Bathe        February 2018

‘Thank you for your prompt posting of the village sets.  The children are all enjoying doing the models.  Even my 5 year old is becoming increasingly independent doing them. Thanks, Elinor E, August 2017

“Many thanks for my order. As a homeschooling mum, I am always on the lookout for useful learning resources, so I was delighted when I first came across your website. Your paper dolls and models are such a helpful way of inspiring and consolidating a child’s interest in history.

The dolls in my recent order represent the last of the set for us! The girls now each have all seven of the historical dolls. They really enjoy playing with them and changing the outfits, and (as with the models) they really appreciate the attention to detail. I love that the girls are able to see the development of historical dress in such an engaging and accessible way.

The boys particularly enjoy building the ships (John Cabot’s ‘Matthew’ was an obvious first choice for us, since one of my boys is called Matthew!) and all the children appreciate the historical buildings.

Thank you again – the kits are so lovely and much enjoyed by my children.” Emily, July 2017

My husband bought the village set and three other items from you about a fortnight ago. They are to add to his model train set, which I don’t find tremendously interesting. However, I did enjoy cutting, fitting and glueing your models which have proved to be both easy to assemble and a joy to behold. So I thought I’d send some positive feedback!      S.Read  February 2017 

Hi Anne, I received these, thank you! They’re for a friend who saw mine and wanted some to bring back to her friends in the US. Thanks for all the hard work, they are so beautiful! xx Jamie   2016

Hi, just wanted to say I received my order.It was exactly what I wanted and is in time for my son’s lesson tomorrow, thank you for the quick and friendly service.    Mel Brooks  October 2016

Worth the Wait:  Although the model below is no longer available, this is such a happy story that we wanted to share it with you.            Dear Anne,  Nearly 30 years ago my Dad bought me your gatehouse model template.  For whatever reason, I never got round to making it.  It’s been in its sleeve, untouched among my belongings, through university and multiple house moves until this year.   Now I have my own son.  He’s 6 and really into model making.  Finally, this weekend, we’ve had the excuse to assemble the model.  In this age of PlayStations and fantasy worlds on the internet it’s been a lovely opportunity to do something simple and practical with my boy, where we developed some manual skills together, and made something which has captured his imagination.  In fact the gateway is currently being attacked by a raccoon and a giant robot, so I need to go now and join the defenders… All our best wishes Conrad Young”      September 2016

30 years on, this model has been superseded by the smaller Castle Gate with Drawbridge (one sheet model, History Series)

‘Thank you Anne. The package arrived yesterday and I am delighted with them. I have already completed 7 designs and am making up a village scene with a friend’s 8 year old daughter who is home schooled. She is doing the Vikings at the moment. Do you have a long house or a Viking ship? (Have already got the book and doll to dress).”         Vanessa Jones      13th September 2016

(Yes, we have a Viking House and a Viking Longship, one sheet models, History Series.)

‘ Dear makers of English Village Designs, when I was spending the Easter holidays in the UK and visited Bekonscot miniature village with my wife and my children, I purchased some of your lovely one sheet models and set up the ‘Village Garage’ (Country Garage) model next day, (after I managed to get some glue).  We enjoyed very much putting the parts together.  It looked so neat at the end, authentic and yet extraordinary.  There were so many lovely details in that model, starting with the faded ‘blacksmith’ letters under the ‘Garage’ sign on the roof.     Thank you very much, I enjoyed working on the model and the result!’                        Stefan Soyka, Falkensee, Germany       10 April 2016

“Many thanks for the cut out kits I received yesterday.  I had bought three when I was on holiday earlier this month and they have really hit the spot with my 5 year old grandson James, who is obsessed with houses and watches recordings of Restoration Man over and over again. He has been building London Bridge with anything he can find since he was about 2. After making up the first three with a bit of help from his Mum he is now looking forward to building a whole village.”    Margaret Hind