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Product List:

Cut-out card Models:
One sheet models: 7 pieces to make up unless otherwise stated

Village series:

  • Thatched Cottage
  • Village House
  • White Swan Inn
  • Manor House
  • Country Church
  • Village Shop & Post Office
  • Old Curiosity Shop
  • Oast House
  • Stone Cottage
  • Narrow Boat
  • Humpback Bridge (8pcs)
  • Lighthouse
  • Country Garage
  • Wayside Station

History Series:

  • Roman Villa (smaller scale)
  • Viking House
  • Viking Longship
  • Castle Gate with Drawbridge
  • ‘Matthew’ Cabot’s ship 1497 (9 pieces)
  • The Golden Hinde (10 pieces)
  • Tudor House (8 pieces)
  • Georgian Town House
  • Victorian School


Two sheet models: larger models with more pieces

  • Great Gatehouse Hampton Court Palace
  • Watermill
  • Windmill
  • Jousting Knights
  • Farmstead (Farmhouse, Barn and Shed)


Village Pack of 6 one sheet models


  • Thatched Cottage
  • Village House
  • White Swan Inn
  • Manor House
  • Village Shop and Post Office
  •  Country Church


Display box with 2 free made up one sheet models of your choice (as shown included in Starter Pack) – for counters, tables and shelves. Free with model orders over £100.



Display box

35 One sheet models = Your choice of 5 each of 7 different designs

15 Two sheet models = Your choice of 5 each of 3 different designs

plus 2 Village Packs, 2 Village Collections, the Display Box

and 2 FREE made up one sheet models for display


Press-out Historical Dolls to dress:

7 individual A6 size packs each with a press out doll, a short story and cut-out clothes of the period

7 Dolls: Evacuee, Victorian, Regency, Tudor, Medieval, Viking and Roman



Comprising Dolls’ Display Box: 40 assorted dolls, plus one made up doll of your choice to display

Dolls’ Display Box with made up doll at the side

The box has photos of all 7 dolls on each side


Water birds scene

A one sheet diorama to press out and slot together, with Kingfisher, Mute Swan, Mallard, Coot, Heron, Moorhen and Great Crested Grebe.


For Japanese customers

Some of our models and the Village Pack are available with instructions in Japanese.