Viking Story Book *Popular*

Freydis and the Amber Necklace

An exciting tale about a little Viking girl.

Meet Freydis and her family in this first of a series of Viking tales that will charm and delight you.

When her sister’s amber necklace goes missing, Freydis must take matters into her own hands.

‘A delightful story, any child who buys one will be thrilled with it.’ M. Pask



Can you see where Freydis lives?

Chapter One

How it all began

Freydis was nine. “Old enough to know better,” her elder sister Bera grumbled, when she dropped her spindle in the dirt, or muddled her weaving, or burnt a cake by leaving it too close to the open fire in the middle of their one roomed house. 

‘This summer Bera had not grumbled so much ………’